Dog timed to ɡet closer to starvation found on deserted island - tourists spring into action with just 48 hours to spare

Dog timed to ɡet closer to starvation found on deserted island – tourists spring into action with just 48 hours to spare

Starving dog found on desert island just days from death – traveler springs into action with only 48 hours to spare

Homeless dogs gave such a tough life having to survive on the streets with nobody to love or protect them.

Sometimes they can get themselves into tricky situations and without anyone watching over them they only have themselves to depend on.

For Winston, he was already homeless and hungry when he got himself into a situation that could have meant the end of the road.

Thankfully a guardian angel turned up to rescue him.

Photographer Wesley White was visiting the beautiful country of Belize, in Central America, on a work trip.

Surrounded by white sands and blue skies there was so much beauty to capture on camera.

The keen traveler decided to kayak from his hotel to the tiny remote island with no idea what he was about to discover.

He looked for a good spot to do some fishing, thinking he was all alone.

But instead he found an emaciated puppy lying on an unoccupied fishing shack.

He was in such a bad way Wesley knew he was close to death,

“Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his tail wagging,” Wesley told The Dodo.

“My heart exploded out of my chest,” he said. “He was just waiting for a human to show up.”

He knew he had to act quickly if he was to save this poor creature, so he wrapped him in a pair of swimming trunks and took him back to the mainland.

Wesley only had two days left on his trip and was concerned as to whether he could save him in time.

Thankfully staff at the hotel where Wesley was staying were very helpful, feeding the dog and contacting a local vet.

“Winston was found to be infested with mites, emaciated and dehydrated, but otherwise his organs were healthy,” Wesley wrote on Instagram.

Wesley spent his last two days in Belize at Winston’s side. When it was time to go home to Montana, he was totally devastated.

“It was like giving up my little puppy all of a sudden,” Wesley said.

Wesley returned home and Winston was placed in foster care. But he couldn’t stop worrying about his four-legged friend and what would become of him.

He even set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for Winston’s treatment.

Then, his rescuer found a way to fly Winston to the U.S. so he come come and live with him and his two other dogs.

A month after Wesley had left Belize and the puppy who had made such a huge impression, they would finally be reunited.

Wesley drove from Montana to Dallas ready to greet his special friend. He was nervous, wondering if Winston would recognize him.

But he had nothing to worry about and a now much healthier-looking Winston bounded up to his rescuer turned new owner and immediately started licking his face.

What a wonderful reunion!

Despite the contrast in temperature between Montana and Belize, Winston doesn’t seem to mind as he is surrounded by two other dogs and human parents that shower him with love.

We may never know how Winston ended up on that abandoned and remote island, but thankfully a very nice person came along and found him.

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