"Dog Siblings' Heartwarming Reunion After 10 Months Goes ⱱігаɩ: Their Adorable Hug Shows They Never Forgot Each Other!"

“Dog Siblings’ Heartwarming Reunion After 10 Months Goes ⱱігаɩ: Their Adorable Hug Shows They Never Forgot Each Other!”

A picture of two dogs hugging each other has been warming social media users’ hearts after they met at an unexpected reunion on a street in the United Kingdom.

A white and a black cockapoo, Rosie and Monty were on a walk with their respective owners sometime in May 2020 when they bumped into each other. However, instead of getting excited and playing, the two canines wrapped their paws around one another.

(Courtesy of Susan Killip)

“Aw it was so lovely, they both just jumped up and hugged each other, it was amazing, they remembered each other after 10 months of not seeing each other,” Rosie’s owner, Susan Killip, told The Epoch Times.

The two dogs, which belong to the same litter, shared what appeared to be happy smiles as they recognized one another.

(Courtesy of Susan Killip)

According to Susan, the two puppies were born on June 30, 2019, at Bishop Middleham, a village in County Durham, alongside four other puppies, but Monty and Rosie, who shared a special bond, “were always together.”

Shortly after Monty and Rosie were born, Susan and her husband, Lee, picked up Rosie, whilst their friends Jean Kidd and her husband, David, took Monty home.

However, owing to some complications with the breeder, two weeks after Susan had picked Rosie up, Jean had to take the responsibility of looking after Rosie, as the Killips had a week-long holiday planned.

(Courtesy of Susan Killip)

So the two puppies spent a week living together and enjoyed themselves. “[They] had so much fun,” Susan said.

After Rosie’s family returned from their holiday, she went back home. Susie said “[Rosie] never saw Monty again until about a [few] weeks ago as Jean & David live in the next village so we never see them.”

Although it had been 10 months, it seemed like these long-lost siblings had never forgotten each other. After Susan shared pictures of their heartfelt embrace that she snapped at their unexpected encounter with Jean, that was all she had heard about them. But one day, her friend called her up and said, “David had sent them to a friend who sent them to his daughter Libby.”

(Courtesy of Susan Killip)

(Courtesy of Susan Killip)

Libby Pincher had shared a snapshot of a conversation with her dad on Twitter, where the sweet reunion became a viral phenomenon.

The conversation read: “So, Dave was out walking his dog, and there was a couple walking towards him with a white version of his dog. Turns out they are brother and sister from the same litter.”

Pincher’s dad further shared that instead of playing, “they do this” along with pictures of the dogs hugging.

Since then, Pincher’s tweet has taken the internet by storm amassing over 900,000 likes, with social media users sharing their joy on seeing the brother-sister duo reunited.

“Ahh!! My heart needed this so much today!!” one Twitter user wrote.

While another commented, “What a beautiful moment.”

Meanwhile, other dog owners shared pictures and experiences of their dogs hugging other canines.

(Courtesy of Susan Killip)

After Rosie and Monty’s adorable reunion went viral, Susan said: “We always knew they were related to each other but we just never had the time for them to meet up.”


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