Dog Cuddles with Ill Baby Deer Found on Owner's Property Until the Fawn Finds a Rescue Home

Dog Cuddles with Ill Baby Deer Found on Owner’s Property Until the Fawn Finds a Rescue Home

A dog’s love has no limits. Many canines, especially a Nashville pup named Zoey, seem to be willing to help anyone. An ill fawn wandered onto Zoey’s property, but instead of getting protective, the pup sympathized with the small creature. She helped her human look after the baby deer and offered endless amounts of cuddles and kisses to the fragile animal.

Now, thanks to the generous help from the dog and her family, the deer is headed off to receive professional care. Zoey’s kindness might have even saved the fawn’s life!

An Unexpected Guest

Musician Pat Pollifrone from the band Miller Holler found the tiny deer hanging out in his yard all alone. He knew that wild animals should stay in their natural habitats if possible, so he brought the fawn back into the woods. Yet, the fawn just couldn’t stay away.

“Found this little sweetheart yesterday in the yard so we took her into the woods. Came out this morning and she was laying in the driveway,” Pollifrone wrote on Instagram. “So I guess we have a deer now .”

Pollifrone called the fawn Bambi. He offered her some water and treated some of her wounds, including an infection around her eye caused by ticks. It wasn’t long before Zoey noticed the deer and wanted to help out too. Zoey kept checking on Bambi, giving her kisses, and cuddling with her. It was the most heartwarming sight.

Bambi is free to return to the wild at any time, but as long as she’s still around, Pollifrone is determined to help. He knows he’s not a deer expert, though. So, he searched for someone more qualified to care for Bambi.

Safe Space for Bambi

Unfortunately, none of the animal rescues he contacted were equipped to care for a young deer. Other wildlife rehabilitation centers were also difficult to reach. So, he continued to give her the best care possible, with the help of Zoey, of course.

Finally, Gibson County Goat Ranch offered to care for Bambi. Zoey and the fawn might miss each other dearly, but it’s what’s best for Bambi. Hopefully, after her time at the goat farm, she can be re-released into the wild. But, for now, she will just focus on healing. She was so lucky to have stumbled upon the kind home of Pollifrone and Zoey.

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