Discovery of a huge treasure filled with solid gold was discovered by archaeologists in the tomb of an ancient lord about 1,200 years ago in Panama

Discovery of a huge treasure filled with solid gold was discovered by archaeologists in the tomb of an ancient lord about 1,200 years ago in Panama

The tomb of an important ancient lord was discovered at an archeological site in Panama.

Inside the tomb, which is around 1,200 years old, archeologists uncovered a sumptuous collection of gold treasure: belts made with gold beads, gold-encased whale-teeth earrings and a set of circular gold plates.

But the tomb of the Colcé chief (750-800 AD), who was between 30 and 40 years old at the time of his death, contained something darker- the bodies of sacrificial victims who were meant to accompany their lord to the ‘beyond.’

As many as 31 other people were buried with the ancient ruler, although the real number remains unknown, as the excavation of the tomb in El Caño Archeological Park is ongoing.

Archeologists exhumed belts made with gold beads, gold-encased whale-teeth earrings, and a set of circular gold plates

The site offered more than treasure, though: the remains of as many as 31 sacrificial victims were also unearthed

Archeologists made the discovery in El Caño Archeological Park, home to an ancient necropolis that was used from 700-1000 AD

The powerful lord was laid to rest in a posture that was a commonplace in this elaborate form of burial.

According to a statement from Panama’s Ministry of Culture, the high-status man was buried ‘face down.’

And he was buried on top of ‘the body of a woman.’

For researchers, the wealth of the discovery was not to be found in the gold loot, but in the style of burial.

Archeologists refer to collective burials like this as multiple and simultaneous burials.

‘We call them that because they consist of burials of a variable number of people (between eight and 32 people,” Dr. Julia Mayo, the person directing the excavation, told Panama’s Ministry of Culture.

These people were sacrificed prior to burial, so that they could accompany their lord to the afterlife.

Sitio El Caño, where the tomb was discovered, served as a necropolis (a city for the dead) from 700 AD until 1000 AD, when it was abandoned for unknown reasons. It once contained monoliths, a cemetery and a ceremonial space.

The tomb was built around 750 AD, and excavators also unearthed ceramic artifacts and jewelry.

They found five pectorals, four bracelets, two earrings in the shape of human figures (a man and a woman), an earing in the shape of a double crocodile, bells, plaques, and a necklace.

There were also bracelets and skirts fashioned from dog teeth, and a set of bone flutes.

The Ministry of Culture hailed the find as not only of ‘economic value,’ but also of ‘incalculable historical value.’

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