"Cullinan" : The largest diamond found on earth, its value is amazing!(VIDEO)

“Cullinan” : The largest diamond found on earth, its value is amazing!(VIDEO)

Diamonds have always been a symbol of luxury and wealth, and the discovery of an exceptionally large diamond is always a cause for excitement in the world of gemstones. In 1905, the largest diamond ever found on Earth was unearthed in the Premier Mine, located in South Africa. This diamond is known as the Cullinan diamond, and its value is staggering.

The Cullinan diamond was named after Sir Thomas Cullinan, the founder of the Premier Mine where it was discovered. The diamond weighed a whopping 3,106 carats when it was first found, making it the largest diamond ever discovered at the time. It was 10.1 cm long, 6.35 cm wide, and 5.9 cm deep.

The discovery of such a huge diamond naturally generated a lot of interest and excitement. The diamond was eventually sold to the Transvaal Colony government, which then presented it to King Edward VII as a gift. The Cullinan diamond was then cut into nine major stones and 96 smaller stones by the Asscher brothers, who were renowned diamond cutters at the time.

The largest of these stones, known as the Great Star of Africa, weighed an impressive 530.2 carats and was set into the Sovereign’s Sceptre, which is one of the royal regalia used by the British monarchs. The second-largest stone, known as the Lesser Star of Africa, weighed 317.4 carats and was set into the Imperial State Crown.

The remaining seven major stones and 96 smaller stones were also used to make several other pieces of jewelry, including brooches, rings, and earrings. The Cullinan diamond was truly a remarkable discovery, and its value is still staggering to this day.

The main keyword for this article is “Cullinan diamond.” The discovery of the Cullinan diamond was a significant event in the world of gemstones, and its value is still astonishing to this day. The diamond was eventually cut into several pieces and used to create some of the most exquisite pieces of jewelry in the world. The Great Star of Africa and the Lesser Star of Africa, which were both cut from the Cullinan diamond, continue to be an essential part of the British royal regalia. The Cullinan diamond is undoubtedly a gemstone of unparalleled beauty and value.

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