Couple hiking on beach after storm discovers giant mammoth bones that could be worth thousands of dollars

Couple hiking on beach after storm discovers giant mammoth bones that could be worth thousands of dollars

An Alaskan couple uncovered a gigantic mammoth bone that could go for thousands of dollars while hiking after a storm.

Joseph and Andrea Nassuk, of Elim, who have been married for four years, were hiking in Nome, Alaska, when the latter discovered the gigantic bone, that measures almost the height of one of their sons.

The prehistoric relic was uncovered after a dangerous and deadly storm rolled through the state after Typhoon Merbok formed in the Pacific Ocean last month, uncovering new gems among all the damage.

Andrea informed her husband that she ‘found a bone’ and he got excited when he saw the sheer size of it.

‘As I was lifting it up out of the mud, I thought to myself: “It’s kind of heavy,”‘ she told KTUU. ‘So I kept lifting it up and told my husband: “I found a huge bone!”‘

‘And I asked her if it was whole, and she said: “Yeah.” So I look over it and it was over half her height, and I got all excited,’ Joseph told the outlet.

The gigantic bone weighs a whopping 62 pounds, Joseph told on Wednesday. However, as the bone continues to ‘dry,’ it will become lighter, he said.

The mammoth bone found in Nome, Alaska (pictured) and measures 46 inches and weights 62 pounds, but will lighten as it dries

Joseph and Andrea Nassuk, of Elim, were hiking in Nome, Alaska, when the latter discovered the gigantic bone

The bone is almost as tall as one of their sons (pictured)

It also measures 46 inches long and the widest part of the bone measures 34.5 inches around, he told

The couple is planning on selling the massive bone and using the money to build a ‘small home’ for them, their four kids, and their dog River and move out their currently apartment.

In addition to the massive find, this was Andrea’s first time scavenging for bones with her husband, who has also found vertebrae, skull parts, and even a seven-foot blue mammoth tusk.

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The Nassuks currently still have the tusk and bone and Joseph told that he is hoping it will go to a ‘museum or university for display for the world.’

They are hoping to get anywhere between $8,000 and $10,000 for the bone, but they are ‘open to offers.’

They are also hoping to sell the blue tusk, estimating it could go for $20,000 to $70,000 for it, according to KTUU.

The couple are hoping to use the money to built a home for their family

The couple have been married for four years

The Nassuk’s also found a seven-foot blue, which they believe they can get up to $70,000 for

Joseph has found many bones over the years, but says the tusk and recently found bone are still in his possession

More of the bones the Nassuk’s have found next to a quart to show the size difference

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