Classic match: The buffalo defended itself in an hour-long battle, causing the lion to collapse

Classic match: The buffalo defended itself in an hour-long battle, causing the lion to collapse

This lion bit off more than it could chew.

In an hour-long battle in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, the 420lb lion clung onto a 1,900lb buffalo, sinking its claws into the animal’s hide.

But the prey proved more than a match for the predator, which ended up being impaled by the buffalo’s horn.

Pictures taken by Matt Armstrong-Ford, 31, from the Isle of Bute, Scotland show the bloodied lion exhausted on the ground in defeat as several of the buffalo gathered around him.

Days later the weakened big cat was found dead having been attacked by hyenas.

Male buffalos are considered to be one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. Their horns fuse together creating a tough shield which is known as a ‘boss’.  Some refer to them as ‘black death’ or ‘widowmakers’ as they reportedly trample or kill around 200 people a year.

Clash of the titans: The lion sinks its claws into a 1,900lb buffalo’s thick hide during an hour-long battle in Zambia – a battle the big cat would go on to lose in dramatic fashion

Savage: The 420lb lion launches another attack on the buffalo near a watering hole in South Luangwa National Park

Eye of the buffalo: This is the moment the buffalo impaled the lion on its right horn and lifted it clear off the ground

Beaten: The bloodied lion stares daggers having being impaled on the horn of a buffalo after a brutal hour-long fight in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

The buffalo charges at the lion as it swipes at the larger beast’s feet. The incredible action shots were captured by Matt Armstrong-Ford, 31, from the Isle of Bute, Scotland

The buffalo charges at the lion with its fused horn-shield known as a ‘boss’. After an hour-long battle, the beast managed to fight off the big cat

The lion tries to claw at the buffalo’s muzzle but the larger animal stands firm

Blood pours over the lion’s face from its wounds as it bits at the buffalo’s muzzle

The lion tries to swipe at the buffalo’s feet, but isn’t strong enough to topple its 1,900-pound foe

The lion looks stunned after the buffalo uses its superior weight to knock its attacker down

A valiant final effort as the lion grabs its opponent’s head from the ground

The buffalo had back up from others in the herd who were able to overpower the lion



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