China man claims to have captured flying dragon on camera, people scream CGI

A viral video footage shows a winged creature – that looks very much like a dragon – flying across a Chinese mountain range.

There is a reason why China is known as the Land of the Red Dragon, but if someone told you they saw an actual dragon there, would you believe it? Well, we wouldn’t be suprised if such a question is met with immediate laughter or a sarcastic yes, but this bizarre footage that is going viral online has got people talking.

The mysterious footage shows a winged creature flying across a mountain range in China. According to the video, uploaded on Youtube by ApexTV, it was shot near the border of Laos. The video has sparked much debate on online fora, with some claiming that this is evidence that pterodactyls still exist, while others have written it off as an edited video and nothing else. The “‘dragon’ seems too sharp in resolution compared with the blurry and pixelated surrounding mountains. I think it’s a good cgi animation but reminds me of those bullshit alien videos?” read one of the comments on the video.

Though, let’s face it, the idea of a dragon – and that too if it were a fire-breating one – does sound quite appealing doesn’t it?!

Well, just like UFOs, there are always such mysterious videos floating on the Internet. Take, for instance, the footage that follows this one, except that it was shot by a cameraman in Pennsylvania, US. The second footage shows another winged creature flying in the clouds – and it eerily looks like a dragon yet again. Of course, there have been mixed response to both footage, with more people saying that either the video has been doctored or it’s animation or that it’s a pterodactyl caught on tape.


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