Cheetah cub innocently plays with antelope but baboons take the baby antelope away from the cub after they catch it but don’t know how to kіɩɩ it

This is the moment a family of cheetah cubs surrounded a small gazelle, but lacked the killer instinct to rip it apart for lunch.

Instead, a large baboon bounded into view to carry off the tiny fawn.

The footage was captured by Laura Dyer in Kenya’s Masai Mara inside the Naboishio Conservancy.

Baboon snatches baby gazelle off cheetah cubs after they catch it

These three cheetah cubs failed miserably to finish off this newborn gazelle after it was tracked down by their mother in Kenya’s Masai Mara

The cheetahs were supposed to use the fawn as hunting practice before killing and eating it

Instead, a hungry baboon, pictured, bounded across the scrubland and killed the fawn before carrying it off, leaving the cheetahs hungry

The unfortunate fawn had been tracked down by the cheetah’s mother who delivered it to her cubs as a learning exercise.

The six-month-old cubs were supposed to jump on the gazelle and rip it apart.

Instead they surrounded the smaller animal but failed to attack and kill it.

One of the cubs struck the gazelle with its paw, prompting it to run for its life. The three cheetahs followed in hot pursuit and were able to bring the fawn to the ground.

However, the three predators again failed to tear into the young gazelle. One of the cheetahs looked as if it was going to bite into its neck, but failed to lock its jaws.

Suddenly a large baboon chased off the three cheetahs and then hunted down the fawn.

This time, the fawn suffered a mortal wound to the neck and was carried lifelessly across the wildlife park in the jaws of the baboon.

The six-month-old cheetahs were able to catch up to the newborn fawn, but lacked the killer instinct

Several times it appeared that the cheetahs had figured out what was necessary to begin their meal but they failed to strike

The cheetahs surrounded the fawn which had been tracked down by their mother as a teaching aid

Ms Dyer said: ‘The cheetah cubs are just under six months old, and their mom caught this newborn baby Thomson’s gazelle for them to learn how to hunt on.

‘Of course, they haven’t any idea as this would be the first time they are participating in a hunt, so don’t know how to kill the gazelle.

‘This went on under mom’s watchful eye and shepherding for forty minutes or so until a massive male baboon saw the commotion and ran in, stealing the baby gazelle for himself.

‘Baboons do sometimes catch and kill prey, but it’s very unusual.’

Laura Dyer, who filmed the footage, said: ‘The cheetah cubs are just under six months old, and their mom caught this new born baby Thomson’s gazelle for them to learn how to hunt on’

At this moment, it appears the gazelle is doomed, but the cheetahs continue to prevaricate

The gazelle seemed resigned to its position on the food chain despite the incompetent cats

The baboon showed no such reticence and dispatched the gazelle with ruthless efficiency

Ms Dyer said it was unusual to see baboons claiming their own prey


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