Car Stuck In An Awkward Traffic Jam Between An Elephant And A Lion Herd

When you go on safari, you want to have a clear view of the animals and experience being close to nature.

In Kruger National Park in South Africa, a motorcyclist made more than he bargained for when he got stuck in the middle of a lion herd and a giant elephant.

The little blue car was helpless to move as more than a dozen big cats from Vurhami’s pride lay in its path, with a tusked elephant blocking the way behind.

The nail-biting moment as lion herd stares at a small car that can’t move around them as it got stuck by a giant elephant behind

A housewife took the photos of the incident in another car who witnessed the terrifying encounter

Just lions around! Driver’s path is blocked by dozens of cats, part of Durham pride, relaxing on safari road

Thankfully, the car owner didn’t care and waited for the elephant to continue walking before finding a way to escape around the lazy cats.

The 59-year-old woman, who took a photo from the car opposite, said the driver was not in any danger.

She said: “There was no encroachment from elephants or lions, so I was more concerned with how long she would have to wait for the lions to move in.

“She was never in the d.anger. The elephant didn’t even give it a second glance.

“But the lions, on the other hand, are very wary of both the car and the elephant.

“I’ve seen lions and elephants blocked off the road but never together, and a car stuck between them.”

As the elephant slowly ambushed to the other side of the road, the unidentified driver calmly circled the side of the pride to avoid the lethargic cats.

Phew! Thankfully, the giant elephant crossing the road allowed the small car to back up and escape around the pride of lions.

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