Black dog saved a weeping deer in the river.Unexpectedly,the deer came to play with black dog every day since then

Black dog saved a weeping deer in the river.Unexpectedly,the deer came to play with black dog every day since then

A heartwarming video of a dog saving a deer from drowning has gone all kinds of viral on social media. The video has won the hearts of many on the internet and may have the same effect on you too.

Dogs are definitely the most selfless being and a video surfacing on the internet proves it. In the now-viral video, the dog can be seen swimming across what appears to be a river with the baby deer while it kept bleating.

Image: Screengrab

The little one was evidently scared. The dog swims as fast as possible, rescues it, and brings it back to safety. All this while, the dog owner keeps on encouraging him and when he finally rescues the deer, the man lauds him saying, “good boy.” It is still not clear where the video is from.

The animal rescue video was originally posted on TikTok and is now being shared by many across different platforms.

“Definitely deserves a huge treat,” reads the caption of the video posted along with the clip. The video, since being posted, has gathered nearly two million views and the numbers are only increasing.

Social media users lauded the dog’s bravado.

“Unbelievable instincts. Wish human beings would be kind to stop deforestation and to leave the animal’s sanctuaries alone. Please give the furbaby big kisses and hugs from me (sic),” a user wrote in the comments section. “Dogs are the best living thing in this universe (sic),” another user commented

In terms of loyalty, dogs are unmatched and no one knows it better than Atif Rizvi. Atif is the leading example of friendship between humans and dogs.

Rizvi, who owns 45 beautiful pedigreed German Shepherds, sheds importance on how good dogs are as pets. His story tells how his pet dog once saved his life.

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