Before becoming a legend, John Cena lived in his car for 4 months before living in the garage but refused to go home.

Before becoming a legend, John Cena lived in his car for 4 months before living in the garage but refused to go home.

Becoming one of the biggest names in pro wrestling was a daunting task for the former WWE Champion, as back in the 90s, John Cena had no goal of pursuing a career in this business. Although he was a fitness enthusiast since his teenage years, with an exercise physiology degree in his hand, Cena had no ambitions of making it big in the entertainment industry when he moved to LA

But after moving from West Newbury, Massachusetts to LA, the initial months were pretty hard on a young Cena, however, the Peacemaker Star’s perseverance remained unmoved in these adverse times.

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John Cena’s initial months in LA weren’t pretty

Even with a college degree, John Cena struggled to land a job in the fitness realm during his initial months in LA, failing at every point. Eventually, the actor left this idea behind, as he tried to become a highway patrol officer instead. But after he failed to land that job too, he was met with homelessness, living in his “Lincoln Continental” for around four months, later living in a garage for six months.

Although Cena explained he had the option to turn back and return home, he wasn’t the kind of guy to call it quits and chose to face the challenges that arrived his way.

“I’m very fortunate for my story because it was my choice to have hard times,” he said. “My father always said, ‘You’re my son. I love you. You’re always welcome back home.’”

And it wasn’t long before his decision to face the challenges paid off, as a few years later, he went on to make his debut in WWE, becoming an all-time great in the later years.

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John Cena initially had no ambitions of becoming a pro wrestler

Although John Cena had a keen interest in the world of pro wrestling as a kid, he had no idea that a career was possible in this field. And after failing on several instances to land his preferable jobs, the actor eventually turned to wrestling, enrolling in the Ultimate Pro Wrestling School, Ultimate University, and the rest is history

“My whole existence is based on a series of fortunate events that kind of lined up with each other,” Cena said. “I did not know that wrestling was even a career option. I watched it as a young man, kind of fell out of it as an adolescent, a teenager, because it’s like, ‘Oh, you’ve gotta study hard and maybe play sports and go get a real job or whatever.’”

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Like his Wrestling Career, John Cena’s Hollywood career is also on the rise at a rapid speed, even though the beginning of his acting career wasn’t very great. And as a result of the actor’s determination to the craft, he has set himself as one of the most skilled actors to arrive from the wrestling business.


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