Arousing Compassion: Rescuing the Dog Who Was Chained All His Life and Used to Breed His Last Puppies

For most of her life, Dory was kept on a 4-foot-long chain and bred repeatedly.

When an animal control officer in Florida heard about Dory’s plight, she immediately began working with the family, hoping to instill some compassion in them.

“From our understanding she has had multiple litters on a chain with a lot of babies not surviving,” Trinity, West Coast director of Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue, told The Dodo.

Finally, the family decided that they no longer wanted the very pregnant Dory, and surrendered her to the Clewiston Animal Control. Unfortunately, the public shelter was very overcrowded and rescuers were worried Dory might not make it out alive.

A local foster mom who has worked with Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue heard about Dory and knew she had to help. She contacted the group and asked if it would take her on – and the rescue said yes. The woman then became Dory’s foster mom, and the pair began preparing for the babies to arrive.

Dory was incredibly pregnant when she was first rescued, but ended up still having a few weeks to go. It looked like she was about to burst …

… before the first babies finally made their way into the world on Friday.

Slowly but surely, the other babies began to arrive as well …

… and after a span of several hours, Dory gave birth to eight tiny puppies, five boys and three girls.


The puppies will eventually be named after “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory’ characters, and Dory and her little fishies are doing well.

“So far everyone is OK and Dory is the sweetest dog ever, super affectionate and grateful to be off the chain,” Trinity said.

Dory has been an exceptional mom to her babies, and finally, after so much breeding, Dory can rest knowing she’ll never have to be pregnant ever again.

“Once the babies are weaned and adopted out she will be spayed and available for adoption too,” Trinity said. “No more babies for her!”

Many pit bull moms just like Dory end up in shelters every day after being bred repeatedly. Follow Dory’s story to find out when she and her babies will be up for adoption.

If you’re ready to adopt a pet of your own, you can check out to get started.



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