An unbelievable and dramatic scene. Two-tonne rhino uses its horn to lift a baby zebra stuck in a mud hole in truly moving video

An unbelievable and dramatic scene. Two-tonne rhino uses its horn to lift a baby zebra stuck in a mud hole in truly moving video

It sounds like an incredible and dramatic scene. The two-headed beast, described as a two-tonne rhino, coming to the aid of a zebra foal trapped in a mud pit is truly remarkable. The giant rhino spotted the distressed baby zebra and attempted to lift it with its horn.

This event took place in the Madiƙwe Game Reserve, with South African guide Roel van Muiden witnessing and showing visitors around. Such encounters in the wild showcase the unpredictable and compassionate nature of animals, leaving a lasting impression on those who witness them.

“It was an amazing interaction between two species, and one that I was lucky to see,” he said. “Upon arriving at the dam, there were several rhinos interacting with each other. A male was chasing some females and then being chased away, so it took me a while to notice the tiny zebra foal stuck in the mud. The herd was nowhere in sight, so the foal must have been there for quite some time.”

The description provided by the witness highlights the dynamic behavior of the rhino herd and the unfortunate situation of the trapped zebra foal. It underscores the importance of careful observation and the unexpected moments that can unfold in the natural world. Witnessing such interactions can leave a lasting impression on individuals fortunate enough to experience them.

Rσel then recounted the heart-stopping moment when the rhino decided to intervene – possibly to help the stranded animal or perhaps out of confusion. “A rhino bull made his way down to the water and near the muddy patch the foal was stuck in. The rhino started to prod the zebra with his horn out of curiosity. After a while, he grew impatient and lifted the body out.”

“The foal, still being alive but very weak, could only lift its head out of the mud,” he continued. “The rhino lifted the foal so quickly that it had no time to react. The rhino then dropped the foal and moved off. He then came back for another prod and look-see. This time he lifted the zebra in a different position, and his horn disemboweled the foal.”

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