All-time classic: "Dog saves 3-day-old girl's life with umbilical cord intact from landfill"

All-time classic: “Dog saves 3-day-old girl’s life with umbilical cord intact from landfill”

New Delhi: A dog is called a man’s best friend, someone who can even trouble his own life to ensure the safety and well being of his master.There are several stories of human – dog

New Delhi: A dog is called a man’s best friend, someone who can even trouble his own life to ensure the safety and well being of his master.

There are several stories of human – dog friendship, but the recent one that happened in Saudi Arabia will make everything in the past look so small. It will amaze you as well as give you happy tears.

A stray dog has saved the life of a three-day-old baby girl who was apparently abandoned by her mother in a dustbin. Saudi Arabia’s daily ‘Sada’ reported the news with breath taking pictures of the dog holding the newborn in his mouth.

The Story

As per the reports published by the daily, the dog was hungry and was wandering on the streets in the search of some food but unfortunately he found nothing. It spotted a just born baby who had its umbilical cord still attached to her body.

And what it did next has not only displayed the animal’s sensitivity towards humans but also proved why dog is called a loyal animal.

The dog knew that the baby was not doing well so he ensured that the baby suffered no more harm further. He put the new born into his mouth and moved her out of the dangerous streets in search of a safe place.

He took the baby to the nearest house and placed her on the porch, reported the daily.

It was after the dog’s continuous bark that the inmates of the house saw the shocking state of the new born baby and rushed her to the hospital. She was reported to be doing fine and had suffered just few injuries as per the last reports.

The Saudi daily picked the news after the images of dog and baby went viral on the social media in the gulf region. However, it is not clear where exactly the incident happened.

Dog’s loyalty

What this stray dog has done is no less than a heroic act; after all he saved a human’s life almost from the jaws of death.

The dog was hungry and the baby’s condition was critical; he could have easily eaten the human baby to satisfy his yearning yet he focused on saving the newborn’s life keeping his own state aside.

Let’s just hope that he got some food after the great hard work.

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