A dog was captured on camera patiently staying by its friend's side on the road after the latter was knocked down by a car.

A dog was captured on camera patiently staying by its friend’s side on the road after the latter was knocked down by a car.

A dog was captured on camera patiently staying by its friend’s side on the road after the latter was knocked down by a car.

The incident happened in China’s Qiandongnan Prefecture.

Stood watch over its friend

In a video that captured the heartbreaking scene, a spotted dog could be seen sitting near a white-coloured dog that was laying motionless on its side.

Occasionally, it used its head to nudge its friend.

According to The Beijing News, a passerby who was interviewed said the spotted dog was whimpering as well.

Cars slowed down as they approached the pair of dogs, going around them.

But even after passers-by moved the white-coloured dog to the side, so as to prevent the spotted dog from getting hit by an oncoming car, the latter refused to leave its friend’s side.

Friends who played together

It was later revealed that the white-coloured dog had an owner, while the spotted dog was a stray.

The owner said the two had often played together.

Unfortunately, no matter how much it waited, the loyal dog did not get to see its friend stand up and play with it again.

The dead dog was later buried.

RIP, little friend.

Loyal dogs

This is not the first time dogs have been captured on camera staying by their friends’ side after they were knocked down on the road.

In Lanzhou, Jiangsu province, four stray dogs stood watch over their friend after it got hit by a car.

In yet another case that took place in Quzhou in Zhejiang province, a dog kept nudging and pawing on its fallen friend frantically.

But as its friend continued to remain motionless, the dog started trembling and letting out whimpers, as if it was mourning its friend’s death.

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