A dog in Florida waited outside his owner's house for two weeks without realizing he was abandoned, hoping they would come back to pick him up.

A dog in Florida waited outside his owner’s house for two weeks without realizing he was abandoned, hoping they would come back to pick him up.

Salvatore was rescued by Everglades Angels Dog Rescue, in Florida, after being abandoned by his family – he waited outside their house for two weeks in the hope they’d come back for him

An adorable dog stood guard outside his owner’s house for weeks not realising they’d pack their bags and left him behind. The poor pooch, who has been named Salvatore, didn’t move from his owner’s doorstep for two weeks in the hope they would come back for him. But when they never returned, neighbours began to worry.

He was taken in by Everglades Angels Dog Rescue, in Florida, America, where he was given a warm bed, food and drink and underwent a full medical evaluation. A spokesperson said: “Salvatore was left behind when his family moved away. He waited by his house, believing they would come back for him.

Salvatore waited outside his owner’s house for two weeks

He was rescued by Everglades Angels Dog Rescue

“Neighbours told us he was a good family pet, especially with their two children.”

Salvatore, who is around five or six-years-old, has been described as a sweet dog who didn’t deserve to be cast aside by his family.

“Aside from the sadness in his eyes, Salvatore is a handsome dog,” the spokesperson added. “An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.

“Salvatore was very nervous but not aggressive when he was finally brought to the rescue.

“It took a lot of patience, love, and dedication to get this dog to understand that we were there to help him. Sadly he was still holding out for his family. His family let him down. We will not.”


Salvatore with Denise Guevara, coordinator of Everglades Angels Dog Rescue (


Everglades Angels Dog Rescue)


He has now moved in with a ‘wonderful family’

While searching for his new home, the team at Everglades Angels Dog Rescue shared his heartbreaking story on their Facebook page – and it wasn’t long before a ‘Salvatore Fan Club’ formed.

His ‘fans’ began requesting updates about his time at the rescue centre and progress in securing a new home where he would be loved for who he is.

After spending about two months in their care, his day finally came.

A spokesperson told the Mirror : Salvatore went to his forever home on Sunday. The wonderful thing is he went to a former adopter family whose big American bulldog passed last year. A wonderful family for a wonderful dog.”

Sharing their happiness for Salvatore, one social media user said: “I’ll never understand how humans can abandon their dog leaving them to an unknown fate.

“Salvatore’s story didn’t end at his abandonment though because of the kindness and compassion of Everglades Angels.”

Another user added: “Precious pup. Failed by those who were supposed to love and care for him -abandoned by them! So relieved he is now safe and cared for.”

A third user said: “How do people just leave their dog outside their home – the only thing they know. The most loyal creatures on the planet that are let down again and again by their very own humans.”

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